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A Walk on the Eno

I took this picture this morning as I walked along the Eno River just north of Durham, North Carolina. I try to do this every morning, because being in nature brings me closer to Divine Presence. That closeness has felt especially important this week. I felt a bone-deep sadness last Wednesday, January 6, as I watched our Capitol being attacked, and that sadness has stayed with me.

Mickey and I developed this Collective because of the deep loss of soul we often experience in the world around us. What we all witnessed Wednesday is an example of that loss - a loss that can lead to the inability to discover deep satisfaction and to relieve distress in one's life without violence. As we move into 2021, our hope is that some of you will join us for on-line workshops, or schedule individual sessions to discover how we might envision more soulful living. And if you can't join us, I invite you to continue reading our blog posts.

A walk in the woods, or wherever might bring you peace, is a good start in more soulful living. Reaching out to others who might be feeling especially fragile right now would be a soulful act. In whatever ways we are able, may we all keep our hearts open as we take our time to find our balance again. In the words of poet Anne Barker,

Love will repair us, not the same, but stronger in some places...

living our lives' potential

in the shadow of the trespass

in the warmth of one another

in the light of what, restored, we will become.*

* from "When the Unimaginable Happened"


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